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Hexagonal Cable Gland

Hexagonal Cable GlandHexagonal Cable Gland
Material: Nylon PA66
Sealing: NBR
Thread: PG, M
Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C
Color: Black RAL9005 and Grey RAL7030
Protection Class: IP 68

G-N7 5-7 8
G-N9 6-8 8
G-N11 8-10 8
G-N13.5 10-12 9
G-N16 12-14 10
G-N21 15-17 11
G-N29 24-26 11
G-N36 31-33 13
G-N42 39-41 13
G-N48 45-47 14
NM16X1.5 5-10 12
NM20X1.5 6-13 13
NM25X1.5 10-18 13
NM32X1.5 16-22 15
NM40X1.5 20-27 21
NM50X1.5 30-41 23
NM63X1.5 40-53 25
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Explosion proof Cable GlandBrass Cable GlandThese Glands are for use with electrical equipment in potentially explosive areas, specially in chemical and petro-chemical industries. These Glands are produced according to 94/9/EC, EN 50014 & EN 50019 and are approved by ZELM Ex. EMC Cable GlandEMC Cable GlandMaterial: Nickel plated brass
What does EMC mean?
EMC stands for Electromagnetic compatibility- thus
the degree of the influence of feathers or radiations
designated who of an installation, equipment or an
other electrical or electronic plant goes out.
Plastic Cable GlandPlastic Cable GlandMaterial: PVDF, Polyamide, Nylon
Color: light grey, silver grey, black
Threads: PG, Metric, NPT
Screw PlugScrew PlugPlastic Plug
Brass Cable Gland Plug, Plastic Plug
EMC Cable Gland, Brass Cable Gland, Plastic Cable Gland, Screw Plug, Explosion proof Cable Gland
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